I began this blog as an experiment, and the experiment continues, a Lent challenge if you will, though Lent was not the inspiration. Or maybe it was – some people talk of taking up, rather than the watered down ‘giving up’. It’s interesting to be completing this initial stage – this is my ‘Launch’ post on Easter Saturday. It was a blend of releasing my inner superhero, he’s in there somewhere, finding my authentic voice and creative writing.

It has worked, I’ve been a superhero – I had a starring role in a worldwide spectacle with many more ‘important’ people wearing their own superhero capes, worn a cowboy hat through Central London, had a ride in a Bentley with a chauffeur, met the big cheese in his Palace, spoke in the House of Lords, gave a speech to hundreds of people at Trafalgar Square, often on an empty stomach and with no comforting chocolate to fall back on, and announced my superhero status standing on a table in a central London wine bar. Apart from the last one I did all these things as part of my work. I would have had all these work commitments anyway, but not with my inner superhero telling me to go for it. In fact I haven’t posted one of my blogs here because the piece I wrote became one of my high profile speeches.

I’m glad that I’ve done it and Dark Lord also has a Twitter account 


I am now exchanging comments with Christians who have posted Bible verses and messages about ‘sin’ on the Jesus and Homophobia guest post Nothing new there but I can express myself freely. This is the beginning of a journey.


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